Principal Investigator

Susana Agustí Requena

​Professor of Marine Science

Postdoctoral Fellows

Samir Aljbour

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interest: Jellyfish, Marine Pollutants, Stress Response, Metabolic Responses, Marine Biology

Sdena Nunes

Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interest: Phytoplankton Pigments, Chemotaxonomy, HPLC, CHEMTAX, Marine Ecology

Sreejith Kottuparambil

Research Interest: Ecotoxicology, Phycology, Algal ecophysiology, Chlorophyll fluorescence

Research Group Staff

Reny Devassy

​Research Specialist​

Ricardo Nuno Alves

​Research Specialist

PhD Students

Sarah Abdullah Gozai Alghamdi

PhD student

Research Interest: Diatoms, microalgae, molecular biology, marine ecology, genomics, aquatic ecosystems.

Saeed Amin

Research Interest: Marine ecology, Bio informatics, Next gen Sequencing, Macro algae, Metagenomics


Isabel Armelles Vicent

Visiting Student at the Biological Oceanography Laboratory

Research Interest: Marine ecology

Gala González González

Research Specialist ​​​

Gauri A. Mahadik

Postdoctoral Fellow

Isabelle Schulz

Postdoctoral fellow

Juan de la Cruz Martinez Ayala

Research Specialist​

Peng Jin

Postdoctoral fellow

Ruben Díaz Rúa

​Research Specialist

Veronica Chaidez


Research Interest: Marine ecology

Alexandra Coello-Camba

Research Specialist