In addition to the Microscopy facilities of the Red Sea Research Center​, Biological Oceangraphy has the following microscopes​:

Microscope Carl Zeiss Axio Observer Z1low

Axio Observer Z1

Axio Observer Z1 is a complete system for Correlative Microscopy with epi-fluorescence in combination with transmitted-light bright field, phase contrast and DIC.
It is a basic stand incl. motorized focus drive (min. step width 10 nm), TFT touchscreen, 1x tube lens to fit with fixed 1- position tube lens mount or 3-position optovar turret mot., keys for switching TL/RL illumination and include:
  • Z-drive operation
  • 6-position objective nosepiece (5X,10X, 20X, 40X, 63X, 100X-Oil)
  • Optovar 1.6x
  • Binocular ergotube 25°/23, 50 mm horizontal adjustment
  • Scanning Stage 130x85 mot P;
  • Electronic Coaxial Drive
  • Universal mounting frame K
  • Transmitted Light Illumination with HAL100
  • Epi-fluorescence equipment (Reflected-light illuminator FL HD motor)
  • Illuminator HXP 120 V
  • Microscopy Camera Axiocam 503 color
  • Microscopy Mid-Range Workstation Xeon Quad-Core multilingual
  • ZEN pro 2012 Software

Microscope Carl Zeiss Axio Scop A1

Axio Scope A1

The microscopes Axio Scope.A1 are universal microscopes designed especially for applications in biological and medical fields and for material studies. Depending on the configuration ​of the microscope stand, they may be used with overhead or transmitted light only or with a combination of both. This is a modified AxioScope.A1 Microscope (Zeiss) adapted for MICROSCOPY-PAM applications. Our microscope is equipped with transmitted light unit HAL50 to use it in brightfield applications and with LED light source for epi-fluorescence applications. We are using the next LED lamp modules: 365 nm (UV), 470 nm (Blue) and 625 nm (Orange-red).
Other features:
  • Comprises binocular fototube (30°/23 100:0/0:100)
  • Condenser 0,9/1,25H
  • Detector filter RG665
  • Dichroic mirror 420-640 nm
  • Adapter tubus for mounting the Photomultiplier-Detector PM-MF (including iris diaphragm and detector ocular)
  • Lens: 20X, 40X, 100X magnification

CYSCOPE HP Microscope

​CYSCOPE HP Microscope

CyScope HP is a fluorescence and transmitted light microscope with High Power LEDs. Ideal for all kinds of fluorescence and light microscopy (e.g. Cell biology, microbiology or biotechnology). The microscope can be equipped with various LED sets which includes LEDs of different wavelengths and optical filter combinations for most common applications (e.g. FITC or DAPI stainings).
  • Fluorescence epi-illumination by different LEDs: UV (365 nm), Royal Blue (455 nm), Blue(470 nm), Green (528 nm) and Red (624 nm)
  • White light LED for transmitted light
  • Achromatic objectives: 20 x dry, 40 x dry, 100 x oil immersion, additional fourth objective on request
  • Eyepiece: 10× wide field/18 mm
  • Digital Camera: 5 Megapixel CMOS USB colour camera with 24 bits. Camera operation by external USB connected laptop. Camera Software: CyFox® View 1.1.11 (32 and 64 bit version)​​


Axio Vert A1

The Axio Vert A1 MAT inverted microscope has a low profile design and is well suited for routine examination of mounted samples. Contrasting methods for reflected light include transmitted-light brightfield HAL and phase contrast Ph1.
The system is equipped with series of objectives (10X, 20X, 40x).​


Primovert HDcam

Primovert HD is ideal for your cell culture, it is a compact microscope that combines efficiency and optical performance. We can examine unstained cells in phase contrast and GFP labelled cells in fluorescence contrast (Primovert iLED with Epi-Fluorescence) quickly and efficiently
The camera is already integrated into the stand. With Primovert HDcam and the iPad imagingApp Labscope you observe and discuss cells independently from the sterile workplace.​​​